Wow! Just wow! What a great comic. Showcasing the surreal art style of @tanhacomics . Making a strange and interesting world for us to explore. The use of lines and different colored pages makes for an extremely unique experience. Fully transporting the reader between worlds. The story is just that of adventure through the unknown. Being lost in a world of weirdness. Memories have faded. The feeling of not belonging, yet not knowing where you’ve come from. The only thing you can do is move forward. Asking the odd beings for help. Their nswers only lead to more confusion. The world created here is phenomenal. So much to look at and dissect on every page. This is easily one to get for the art. | could look at this thing for hours and still find new paths and details to follow. I was blown away at certain points. The first transition between colors. The sudden realization of noticing something in the
This is a book that you need to take your time with. Look at every little thing. After the first read, I went back and noticed even more at the beginning.
Little plants or small teasers for the world to come. Just incredible work. I’m still unsure about what it all was. The explanation at the end could be the truth. Or it could be something less intricate. Just a trick of the mind. A hallucination that the character may soon come out of. So much to ponder and question. | absolutely loved this book. Every second was wonderful. Highly highly recommend.

Andre – Comic Reviews at RSC-Collecting

A visit to the Depths of Haparoot excites the explorer as each page turn reveals more crackling elemental facets of our pulsing, undiscovered, inner  landscapes. The bold colour choices offer a visual nimbleness that balance power and precision as our pathway deeper into the yawning unknown is mapped.   The sense of arising and simultaneously ascending into this dreamscape is everpresent.  The reader’s senses will be challenged and bewildered as we journey farther into  this alien terrain that is both fantastic, and somehow achingly familiar.
Buy the ticket.  Take the ride. We are here to go. 

Mathew Makman – The Editor of 3T Anthology

The paper quality is excellent!  the Hard cover is robust and arrived without any damage.  The amount of content and the quality of the product is amazing.  This book is underpriced in my estimation.  It’s a very handsome book and I will display it proudly. 
Character design is very unique.  Your style is perfect for the the squeezing, stretching and contorting Tanha goes through in the book.  The Character design is a smart choice for an ego being pulled into a twisted reality.  I think many figure drawers would struggle with bending their character as gracefully as you do with Tanha.
I was very impressed with your page designs.  Alot of 3 or 5 panel pages, I dont usually see many odd number panels per page.  Your gutters (Panel borders) are very original, with Tanha breaking the panel borders often.  Tanha effectively conveyed movement through space and interacted with her environment extremely well and i think your panels and gutter work aided in this greatly.  It all seemed very experimental, yet worked each and every page!
Your splash pages (Full page panels) were numerous and spectacular, great work there too.
Several times you employed the “De Luca Effect” that really helped Tanha move through space/time in an altered reality, very effective storytelling.
Very interesting use of connecting word balloons.  This is so simple yet incredibly genius.  I never got lost.  I never read the balloons out of order.  I thought this would be a big problem with different languages and other cumbersome issues regarding “directional devices” that help guide a reader from panel-to-panel and balloon-to-balloon.  But there was no issue at all. It read smoothly even during the manic last few pages with so many different egos talking in all directions.  The lettering is easy to read yet stylistically in line with the rest of the story.  I really hope you did the lettering by hand because it’s great.   That includes the Cover title.  My only complaint would be that I wish all the lettering was done by hand to include your publishing information page but i’m just a huge fan of hand lettering 
I love the choices you made here with colored pages red to black.  The white pops off the page perfectly.  I really enjoyed the choices you made here and don’t have much more to say about that. 
The story is one that I can relate to personally.  Ego dissolving, being isolated, confused and afraid.   It comes across in your work how much these concepts mean to you.  I love you give the reader credit for being able to digest such material and not dumbing it down for your readers.  Ive had experiences with psychedelic substances and its really hard to convey the fever dream aspect of the situation.  I think you communicate this as good as anyone ever has. 
I am not a creator.  I have never made a comic.  I have little to no idea what the process work looks like.  I am a fan.  Ive read Understanding Comics by Scott Mcloud.  I watch Cartoonist Kayfabe youtube channel By Ed Piskor and Jim Rugg.  Im a fan of Western creators Like Dan Clowes, Jaime Hernadez, Charles Burns, Art Spiegelman, Moebius and Richard Corbun.  THese are just my humble thoughts on your fantastic work.  I look forward to your collecting your future works.  Stay cool!

-Hooked on Juneau /

The Depths of Haparoot is one of my favorite comics in recent memory.
The brilliant imagery ensnares the reader, and takes them on a fantastic ride throughout a dream realm like no other. I can’t wait to see what Tanha has in store for us next.

-Cameron Hatheway, Clusterfux Comix