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–Limited Edition of 50
–Size 15x21 cm
-28 4 color pagespages
Price : 8€
Tanha, being an Artist , tends to paint and study in her solitude, but the society finds it A-social. A solitary being in full contradiction with the Social norms and values…

The Hotbeds of Eremia

Comic pamphlet

-First Edition 2021
-Size: 21x28cm
-120 4 color pages / Hardcover
-Numbered,Embossed and Stamped
Price : 25€
Tanha is asking his Ego to help him find out a mysterious truth about her psychological life and relations with the power.

The Depths of Haparoot

Comic Book (2021)

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What are Tanha Comics About?

As a storytelling project, it all began in 2019. The Point is to share some lived experiences, thoughts and information with the audience outside the elitist Art and also Comics market. It is an experimental Story telling method which benefits from experimental illustration.
All upcoming Series of stories are made not for amusement but to raise questions about or draw attention to Real-life experiences of the Author. The upcoming works will be mainly focused on subjects like History & philosophy of Art, social Alternatives, otherness, Racism ,Immigration, Artificial Intelligence, possible Universes and so on.
Tanha is searching for some answers in a time of Confusion. She faces the harsh reality of society. Criticising that She faces torture and imprisonment. She experiences exile and gets introduced to the dark labyrinth of Racism and discrimination during his life journey.


Books and Pamphlets

  • Hotbeds of Eremia

    Tanha, the protagonist with an everchanging gender identity, in this Underground comic series , is not a Big-fist Hero nor a big-breast Heroin; Instead of all that ,Tanha has a sharp and bitter critical viewpoint towards society. Tanha tends to paint and read books, while finding him/herself in....

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  • Depths of Haparoot

    Tanha is Risking his Ego to find an answer to an important question in his life.

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